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About Us

IMPERIAL ELOQUENCE- Creative Powerful Style 
Our Cause 
Our passion is filtered through the love of art and fashion; through the appreciation for creation. Passion adhered to those that work hard to build value and beauty through their own expression- which comes from a divine inner eloquence. 
The Imperial mission is to provide creative pieces of fashion through our premium apparel, both curated and our private in-house label. 
Our Message
The Imperial “I” is the self, the me, and the you. This is the underlining point where you and everyone connect as the same person. You’ve been and remain the same person since you were born as you are now in the sense of the “I”. This is the truest point of connection within which is responsible for your true style, your true creativity, and your true power. Our goal is to help you be more aware of these attributes by inspiring you with our apparel and accenting the STYLE that lies within you. 
The Eloquence "E" is for “everything”. The whole of the empirical journey via your connection to everything, the universe, everyone and life as a whole. This is prompted by the four realms of consciousness: physical realm, mental realm, the imagination realm, and the feelings realm which make up all things seen and unseen. The “everything” that makes up this universe is imperative as our connection to it is meaningful and real. 
We are true believers in the cognizant of the everything. We are positive that our passion for streetwear, arts, and culture as a community, in its entirety, will build awareness as we serve it. Everything and everyone who has made the Culture what it is today is fully necessary and responsible for the consciousness of our entirety as CREATIVE POWERFUL BEINGS. 
These three words are translated into everyone and everything parallel to our existence at Imperial Eloquence.
Thank you for joining us in our journey.
Imperial Eloquence

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