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Patches: Brad QUINDECIM Set 2/13


These 3 limited edition 3 3/4 inch patches are the first of a 15 set series of Patches inspired by H-Town OG Bloody Nickel James B.Hanes, a tale of street wisdom and knowledge, compiled a true and gritty timeline of persevere, passion, and creation. Released on Friday the 13th; the 2/13 design encompasses the love for those that help themselves. And realizing that our efforts are only self loving and self less when they are focused on those that DO work and grow. THERE IS NO "TRY" there is no "Getting ready" to do there's only doing "we can not awake the dead, but those actually pulling themselves up out of the ground and working on Adding value deserve a hand up and a coat tug to tell em- I gotcha g, go on and brush him off as he laces his boots and goes to work with you"-B.Hanes

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