New Era x Sneakers x Tattoos x Japanese Gardens April 23, 2015 01:18

Shooting in San Antonio at the Japanese Tea Garden the week of the USA vs Mexico soccer match proved the style and passion which sports inspire among people. Many made long trips to cheer for their team and the fans were wild about their countries "kickin it" at this much anticipated game.

With San Antonio having a large Mexican population it was interesting seeing the connection and rivalry of those who associated themselves with their respective team as Mexicans reppin for USA and families of TX born hispanics cheering for Mexico. The team affiliation and contrast was considerably similar to the parallel between Japanese Culture and streetwear.

Brands like the legendary A Bathing Ape and Pharrell's Billionaires Boys Club are some of the labels who are based in or largely influenced by the Japanese style that draw from both American and the Oriental culture. As the beautiful Kat Lacroix posed in our American Team Snapbacks by New Era  it was clear that the contrast and association between sneakerhead culture and Japanese esthetics were a familiar mix. See the preview below and stay posted for more to come




Luis Felipe "Mr Eloquence"/  IE