Artists Corner May 26, 2014 01:42

Loes Van Delft, has made a splash on the scene. A self taught "non-artist" who quotes on her twitter to hate the word artist :"'s like calling someone air and the people that use that are ghosts themselves" is incorporating the world of pop with a graff style that is her own.  The lively creator's Trademarked Pijipje Character, a blend between a caricature like painting with the presence of very clean sketching lines, adds an esthetic personality to her work that is very unique. The 23 year old has the talent and put in the work to be recently featured at 3 Punts Galleria in Barcelona, alongside none other than legends and international graffiti artists like Banksy, Blek Le Rat,and Mr.Brainwash. The hustle and creative spirit that her work inspires is something to be said for the power of conviction in creating and passion. In a recent interview Loes stated that art is probably the only thing she was ever good at, we say the focus and the effort that went into perfecting her craft is a testament of how gracefully and early one can accomplish if you let your inner creative lead. The Netherland native has entered the scene as a recognized artist and is on her way to becoming the artistic icon she was meant to be. Link up Loes via Twitter @loesvandelft. or Subscribe to her Youtube and Facebook We'll be keeping an eye on the upcoming projects from this Imperial Soul.

Stay Imperial,