Visualization of A Brand with Trapstar London & Veritas February 02, 2014 16:28

Here at Imperial Eloquence we maintain the proverbial one eye open on a motivation and success principles that we can put to use. We are inspired by the fashion we see as art, unique, and unapologetic but what goes beyond this is the stories of where they came from and we hope that on your imperial journey- can draw inspiration and knowledge en route to finding your calling.
Take the story of Trapstar London a military/biker culture inspired label that came up as most streetwear labels do- printing Graphic tees and now include a line of bespoke customer pieces worn by Hip-hop royalty and enthusiasts of revolutionary fashion everywhere. The brands beginnings and success was formed from a passion to create and in doing so Mikey Trapstar, co-founder and designer, was able to make stars out of those behind the brands success. "we felt we were Trapped but still shining in our current environment"  says the visionary on an interview for Jay-Z's Life + Times art curating site.
Numerous are the labels and businesses that have began with humble beginnings, they are often the perfect example of how visualizing an idea and taking action on it brought a dream into fruition. The innovating and creating was not an overnight process, the work and failures were in direct proportion to what success was achieved. We recently spoke with Ross Heffner of Veritas Apparel, a new label from New Orleans making waves with their crispy design concepts and blended aesthetics of streetwear and high fashion. "We lost money trusting unqualified manufacturers and refused to sell merchandise that was not up to par with what our customer deserved" Explained Ross a week prior to Veritas making its debut at Preview Tradeshow in Atlanta, GA. The attitude it takes to build something that is done well is the same one that entrepreneurs thrive on- seeing their vision regardless of the stumbling blocks in their way, visionaries keep their focus on the goal and recognize the obstacles in the way as  benchmarks, a sort of confirmations that they are moving forward. "Where I came from people laughed at your dreams, a lot of people are caught up on a lack-poverty stricken mentality, we couldn't let that kill the dream that was Veritas Apparel, we are going through with the vision through the end..."  Ross knows the path to success is not an easy one, as long as there is growth there will be challenges and there is a visionary in all of us that can take this on. It's a blessing in it of its own to find your passion but what separates a success from a dreamer is the perfect quote by TE Lawrence:"All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them possible"
Dream on and do, visualize and act. This is what will clear your Imperial path and lead you to the success and joy that should be life!