Was Gangsta Rap Made to keep Prisons Full? November 27, 2013 12:20

This was the accusation made in a recent article reposted by Dontpanic.com of an "industry decision maker" who anonymously emailed a letter of a secret meeting that took place in 1991. According to this anonymous writer the unnamed record label and its cohorts were aligning themselves with investments in private prison systems funded by government grants. After signing confidentiality agreements, the author was told that record labels would be moving more towards crime-ridden lyrics and music through hip-hop as a way to keep prisons filled.

If you can believe this secret meeting took place, as conspiracy-crazy as it may sound, part of it is probably true. Most of the hot new acts and their boasting criminal activities have been flooding the airwaves for the past few years even with a lack of actual street credibility the artists are portraying. However; a film produced by various Hollywood heavy weights, including John Legend and Brad Pitt has actually captured the truth of the prison systems and how the American Prison System operates and is fed. I highly recommend you watch Eugene Jarecki's The House I Live In and share your thoughts on the topic. 


See the anonymous letter here..